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Welcome to AdCare Plus!


To provide a wide variety of services aimed to faciliitate the development and growth of each individual towards a better and more fulfilling life.


Our counsellors and psychologists have a Christian approach to therapy, which offers the community a unique combination of a caring attitude and counselling skills to address personal and relationship issues. With many years experience in counselling, training, professional supervision, and group work, our psychologists and counsellors provide a broad range of therapies to assist individuals, couples and families.

We offer regularly a full range of seminars and workshops on Marriage Enrichment, Effective Parenting, and Recovery Programs such as Overcoming Depression and Minimizing the Emocional Toll of Divorce. They also include a series of other topics for the interest and enjoyment of people who seek an understanding of the nature of human existence and the world in which we live, such as: Effective Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, The ABC of Positive Relationships, Bringing Health to Life, Healthy Lifestyle, and In the Search for Meaning.

If you register, you'll gain immediate access to the most recent Handouts and Seminar Materials. After registering, please go to Services and under the Services Menu click Seminars, then select the topic you are looking for.



Winning is not everything! The will to win, the courage to attempt, the commitment to do your best. That, is everything.

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